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Actual  Patient  MRI  Images

Before and After IDD Therapy®

40 Year Old Male with Bulging Cervical Disc (Neck)

Patient MRI Bulging Cervical Disc Neck Before and After IDD Therapy

Before IDD Therapy®:

Circle denotes disc herniation impinging into the spinal canal.

After IDD Therapy®:

Same area – bulging is clearly reduced. The protrusion no longer presses into the spinal canal.

Before and After IDD Therapy®

57 Year Old Male with Herniated Disc (Spine)

Before and After MRI Herniated Disc treated with IDD Therapy

Before IDD Therapy®:

Circle denotes significant disc herniation protruding aggressively into the spinal canal.  

After IDD Therapy®:

Same area -Bulge is now significantly reduced and no longer imposing into the spinal canal 

Before and After IDD Therapy®

Side by Side MRI Images with Doctor Interpretations

Actual MRI IDD Therapy Patient before and after mri with doctor interpretations

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